ADOBE featured John’s Landscape Photography in a 6 minute Documentary as part of Creative Week, but the shoot almost never happened!  John had been suffering from a long term illness prior to the shoot and went through a major operation only 4 days before the film crew arrived. Doctors told John to remain housebound and take a break from all strenuous activities… so as only John would, he took the crew up a hill  near Loch Lomond.  John laughingly remarked;

“Looking back on the events I realise I was pretty crazy to attempt that at the time, but I didn’t want to disappoint the guys at Adobe. I was really ill and had been for about a year prior to the film shoot. Due to the illness I couldn’t exercise and I’d put on a wee bit of beef. After a major operation the last thing I should have done was to climb up a hill with a film crew. So… If I sound and look a bit out of breath you’ll now know the reason why!” 🙂

The good news is John’s now a good bit better and 2 stones lighter.