It’s extremely rare to get to meet the person who inspired you to follow a creative path in life, never mind get to interview him. Recently, I had the great pleasure and privilege of sharing the company of Aubrey Powell legendary founder member of Hipgnosis.

Whilst filming an exclusive eye2eye feature for Gone Shootin we discussed his career highlights and his new book Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art: The Complete Hipgnosis Catalogue

Aubrey was involved in photographing and designing the most iconic album covers of all time for artists such as Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, Black Sabbath, Yes, UFO, and so many more. As a young boy growing up in the 70’s his unparalleled imagery played a huge part in informing my own creative vision.

Whilst there, my trusty assistant Ricky Fleming shot the portrait above. I’d like to thank James Loader +Sony UK for all his help and support with tech, and +Sony Music Entertainment for hosting us. Thanks also to Yuki Saito for taking onboard my suggestions for improvements to Alpha bodies.